team-965097_1920Thank you for stopping by, please take a moment to read through the posts which interest you and we encourage all of you to please leave your thoughts and comments. This is a place where the reader takes an active role in mentoring other like-minded people through simple to complex business solutions which you have found that work. Bear in mind, we like to keep things simple around here, let us know what has worked for you and examples of end results. No sense of reinventing the wheel, usually people are visiting us for examples of results or answer to questions they currently have.

Most of us enjoy learning through other people’s journeys which is why this forum at Studio Bumi was created. Help us to help others by stopping by often and reading the articles, postings and giving your thoughts regarding the given situations presented. We all face challenges at times and as they say “there’s nothing new under the sun” so share your experiences and I can almost guarantee they will help others!

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